Little Is Much

Little Is Much

Do you sometimes feel like you’re running on fumes? Like you have absolutely nothing left to give… Not another minute, another hour or dollar. Not another anything? Sometimes we think holding on to what we do have will serve us.  I was reminded of this simple truth today:

Little is much when you place it in The Master’s hands

What happens when we place our little in His hands? I looked to the Bible for answers.

One passage:
In 2 Kings 4:1-7 a widow was fearful her sons would be taken from her by creditors to become slaves. She was instructed to borrow empty jars from her neighbors and fill them with the little oil she had in her home. With her little oil, she was able to fill all the jars she borrowed with oil. The woman paid off her creditors and there was such an abundance of oil remaining, she and her 2 sons had enough to live off of.

Another passage:
In John 6:1-15 a boy brought his lunch with him on a journey. He had 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. Out of obedience, the boy placed his food in The Master’s hands (Jesus) and his little fed 5,000. His little provided nourishment for thousands of hungry men, women and children. And there were leftovers.

What you really don’t think is much, is.

We serve a God of: multiplicity, providence and overflow. He will provide not only for you, but others around you so that He may be glorified. He’ll respond when we’re responsible with our gifts, talents and resources. The widow in the first passage looked to the prophet Elisha for help when she thought her sons were going to become slaves. Elisha asked her a simple question: What do you have in your house?

I propose this same question to you. Instead of telling yourself and others “I have nothing,” ask yourself: what do I have?

Place what little you have in His hands. Your little is much.


I pray this message blesses you just as it did me.

With Love,


I encourage you to read John 6:1-15 and II Kings 4:1-7 for greater understanding regarding the accounts mentioned above.


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