Chasing the Sun

I literally chased the sun this morning. I had to get a shot of the sun rising after a series of unexpected events last night.

Last Night

Warning after warning came, urging everyone to take cover. News stations aired severe weather coverage non-stop from early evening into the night. Tornadoes had been spotted nearby and were possibly heading my way. I heard the warning siren. Two days before Christmas. This was a little ridiculous I thought. Especially after such perfect weather the day before. And what about my travel plans? What about the presents? What about CHRISTMAS!?

This Morning

An unbelievable peace came this morning. I rose. Unharmed. Unscathed. And nothing lost. There were, however some that lost their lives, property and hope this Christmas.

The sun this morning. Beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. There it was. To greet me. The sun reminded me that it always rises. Even in the midst of a storm, the sun remains and shines again. But. This lesson was too cliché. God had a bigger lesson to teach me this morning and share with you: Seek Him and you will find Him.

I went to my usual spot to reflect this morning before heading home to visit family. I was planning on getting a great shot of the sun rising over the peaceful lake. You know the shot. Where the sun’s rays make the water glisten and you just take it all in. I had it all planned out. The picture. This blog post. It was going to be perfect. Not today. But here’s what I did get.

Picture 2

A little disappointed, I made my trek back to the car. Planning my next move to get that perfect shot.

And There it Was

And there it was. As I looked up. The sun. The sun I had been looking for, chased down and anticipated. But at the same time, not expecting it so quickly. Right in front of me. It was beautiful.

Picture 1

2015 has been tough one for me. I’ve experienced many changes, unmet expectations and had relationships challenged. Maybe you find yourself in the same place.

Just as you celebrate this season, remember to also seek. Just as the wise men went to seek Him: The King. The Savior. Emmanuel. This same King is available to us. Today and forever. I call Him Jesus.

Celebrate and Seek.

With Love,



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