Just Jump

This Christmas I got to spend some time with the newest member of our family… this 7-month old cutie:



Even though he is technically my second cousin, I have adopted him as my nephew and he is SO ADORABLE! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself watching him explore his world, communicate his needs and interact with others.

Babies bring so much life to the scene. Babies aren’t pretentious. They rely on others to help them and live life unafraid.

On Christmas Eve, Jackson and his mom came over to spend some time with us. After brunch we gathered in the living room to play cards. Jackson was sitting on the couch and his mom got up for a moment.


Suddenly,  we heard a thump, his deep intake of air and then his cry of shock. Jackson had moved ever so slightly, lost his balance and his small, round body hit the floor. His mom had only turned her back on him for a second. Quickly, his mom scooped him up, said a few encouraging words, and Jackson stopped crying. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt.

He made a move. Not knowing the outcome, he made a move.

While sharing a meal that same evening with my brother, Jackson’s mom and my cousin Albert, we started talking about life. Jackson was also there. I shared my recent frustrations that I wasn’t really living my passion…yet.While looking at Jackson, Albert shared with me:

“There is a reason [as infants] we learn how to physically move before we learn about the outcomes associated with particular movements”

I finished his reasoning in my head:

If we always knew the outcome of our movements, we’d never progress. We’d never experience the exhilaration of exploring some new place, new relationship, new territory or life experience. We’d never learn. We’d stay stagnant.

Faith works the same way. According to Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Albert’s last words to me that evening were, “Nonie, take the jump.”

I learned a lot from Jackson:

It’s in the actual moving that we begin to grow, not in the stagnant fear of “what if.”

Take the jump. Like Jackson, make a move. That thing God is asking you to do. Do it. And if you happen fall, He’ll be there to scoop you up. Just jump.




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