What I Learned from Viola

Last night millions watched the Academy Awards show. I was one of them. I have recently been watching shows and movies Viola Davis acts in and I am truly amazed. Words really can’t describe her acting talent that she has honed and shared with the world.

In the candid moments is when you see who celebrities really are. I saw a glimpse of  a candid, transparent Viola this morning as I watched Live with Kelly Rippa. Kelly was backstage last night talking to celebrities as they exited the stage. After Viola’s speech, Kelly asked her: what did you do differently this year?  I was inspired by this exchange:

Viola: “This year, I held his hand.”

Last year I was in my own world.
Last year I didn’t hold his (her husband’s) hand.

This year she wasn’t in her own world.
This year she held tightly to her husband’s hand.

This year she won. And we all remember her speech that left us speechless.


This exchange inspired me to challenge myself and others:

This year, let’s commit to do life differently.
For those of us that are SO close to “winning” we can taste it:
This year we’ll acknowledge those that truly believe and support our dreams. And this year we’ll hold tightly to His hand. #beblessed #holdtight#enjoythejourney #oscars #violadavis


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